Durin Frostbeard[edit | edit source]



4'10" 170lbs, Weathered skin, Long Black braided beard

"Durin toiled daily as a carpenter and metal worker in the overworked mines of the Frostbeard Clan. In the little spare time he could find, he spent hours working on his true passion: music and instrumentation. When the greedy Clan masters decided to increase workers hours, Durin organized a protest and strike. During the final performance of the protest, Durin performed a piece on his newly-crafted stringed instrument. A lone bolt of lightning struck the stage as the song reached its climax; all those around were aghast at the scene of light and sound. Clan leaders took the performance as a sign; they reversed their decisions and created better working conditions fearing a workers revolt. Durin, hailed a hero, decided to leave his clan on a new quest to imbue his instruments and performances with fire, lightning, and magic in a way the world has never known."

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