Naske, the charleton monk.[edit | edit source]

Naske is a 5'11" Protector Assimar. At 37 years old, this bald-headed gray-eyed charleton clocks-in at 161 imperial pounds.

Naske is a monk by way of a destroyed broken home. His parents' untimely death was both the biggest blow, and great emancipation. His rotten no-good parents loved him so much, they neglected his being by giving him what they had, but didn't necessarily earn.

Through his near solitude in raising himself, Naske quickly developed the charisma, humor, and wisdom to move him from one debt to the next without being killed himself. His bright soul has saved a few companions along the way. His ability to blend by having a name for any occasion has allowed him to stay breathing once he has made ills.

As a man of many lives, he takes more than he gives, and he gives a lot. In his core he is quick, and wise. He will surely join anyone on the road of life.

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