Rumors around town[edit | edit source]

  • Goblins have been seen roaming the forest to the north of town. It's said that there's an ancient mine in that direction that could serve as a possible hideout.
  • Strange lights have been reported shining out through the canopy in the Hearthwood Forest around dusk and dawn during a new moon.
  • It's said that the Shattered Lowlands were the site of a climactic battle in ages long past.
  • South of the Kiran River is an expansive swampy area known to townsfolk as the Duskmoor Mire. Occasionally at night, distant drumbeats can be heard emanating from deep within.
  • The Broken Strand north of town is known well by wary fishermen and sailors to give it a wide berth.
  • There's a copse of trees that grow along the Kiran River that have sap which have arcane properties.
  • The seas become mysteriously rough as fisherman have approached the Mistfen Isle.
  • A frightened traveler once spoke of a ruined tower that smelled of rotten fish crumbling into the Black Lake to the north.
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