Rayne[edit | edit source]

Last lots of Rayne[edit | edit source]

We decided to head north to scour the rocky beach. We noticed a large circular area in the forest with just stumps that seemed to have been leveled. After some investigation, we decided to move on.

Eventually we headed a bit further north into the rock lands again.

We spotted a ship with some folks working on it. About 7.

After some deciding, our ranger went and tried to have a chat with them.

It didn't go well and they all drew their weapons. 4 with crossbows, and 3 with scimitars.

Our monk went down shortly into battle, mittens put one crossbow guy to sleep, and our ranger started working on picking them off with her bow. I then turned into a dire wolf and took out most of the rest of the crew before the rest of us died.

It was a near miss, but our monk died before I could turn back and save him. A burial and a rest ensued.

After searching the ship, we found some fat loot! 20 gems, some health potions, an other things. Gems were worth 1,000 gold.

Having this, we decided to head back to town.

We ran into 7 huge flying insects. We defeated them pretty quickly.

We hit town. Recovered, then headed back out.

After getting further north, we noticed the beach had a new tide, we searched further around the tide, and ran into some frogs with spears.

They fought hard. But we won.

Heading back south to look around the tide was back in with a new Ship.

Our ranger headed above, and I stupidly decided to stop sneaking and 7 flying insects charged us. We fought them and killed them.

On the other side of the huge ship was a sunken in area that we climbed through.

In here we found darkness and a few drowned men. They spoke a gibberish language and attacked. Very Tough monsters but we prevailed.

After realizing we were pretty exhausted on spells and skills, we decide to head back to town.

Shortly after we left the ship and hear a cry that sounds like a group of blood eagles. I don't think we are ready for this...

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